How to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve

how to replace a toilet fill valve

Toilet won’t flush? Is the toilet flushing, but not completely? It may be due to a faulty fill valve. A toilet fill valve is the component of the toilet that is responsible for refilling the tank after every flush. Over time, the fill valve will succumb to general wear and tear and need to be replaced. Luckily, replacing the fill valve in your toilet is simple and inexpensive. Read on to learn the signs that it’s time to replace the fill valve in your toilet and how to do it.

5 Signs Your Toilet Fill Valve Needs to Be Replaced

On average, a toilet fill valve will last five years. Over time, the parts wear out. These signs may indicate that the toilet fill valve needs to be replaced:

  1. The water runs continuously
  2. The toilet won’t flush at all
  3. The toilet flushes but not completely
  4. The tank takes a long time to refill
  5. The toilet makes a loud, screeching noise

Replacing a Toilet Fill Valve

Replacing a toilet fill valve is easy and can be done in just a few steps. You can purchase a new fill valve at your local hardware store.


  • Wrench
  • New Fill Valve


Once you have the new valve, follow our easy how-to guide:

Step 1. Turn off the water supply. Locate the water supply valve. This is the turn knob that is typically located on the wall behind the toilet. Turn the water off.

Step 2. Remove the toilet lid from the top of the tank. Carefully remove the lid and place it in a safe spot.

Step 3. Flush the toilet. Flushing the toilet will empty the water from the tank. You need the tank empty so you can remove the old fill valve and install the new one. This may take a flush or two. If there is any standing water in the tank (there likely will be), use a rag or sponge to soak up the remaining water.

Step 4. Unscrew the water hose. The water hose is located in the tank. Using a wrench, loosen the lock nut that holds the water hose to the bottom of the toilet tank.

Step 5. Remove the old fill valve. Put a bowl or empty container under the hole that connects the water hose to the fill valve. Pull up the lock ring from the base of the fill valve and slowly pull the fill valve off the base. Remove the refill tube from the overflow pipe.

Step 6. Adjust the new fill valve height. Every toilet varies in size so before installing the new fill valve, adjust it to the appropriate size for your toilet tank.

Step 7. Install the new fill valve. Insert the base of the new fill valve into the hole where the old valve was installed. Secure the new valve by screwing the lock nut under the toilet tank. Make sure the lock nut is as tight as possible. Insert the refill tube into the same overflow pipe, and snap down the lock ring under the fill valve.

Step 8. Attach the water supply hose. Reattach the water supply hose to the same position that it was in before you removed it.

Step 9. Turn the water supply back on. Once you have installed the new fill valve, turn the water supply back on and flush the toilet. Make sure the water level returns to normal. If the toilet is flushing as it should, place the lid back on top of the toilet tank.

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