How To Host a Super Bowl Party In Your Home

How To Host a Super Bowl Party In Your Home

Hosting a Super Bowl party is a great way to enjoy American football’s most popular event in the comfort of your own home. You choose the ambiance, the menu, and the guest list–everything is up to your preference!

Keep the Buffet Going

Because of the commercials and the extended halftime show, guests will be arriving earlier, dropping in, and staying later than they would for most game viewing get-togethers. You’ll also likely have more guests than usual. Plan to have a rotation of foods available throughout the party, rather than setting everything out at once. You may invite a few of your guests to bring a dish to pass when they arrive, easing the burden of preparation on you.

Serve Up a Variety

You’re under no obligation to meet every dietary preference, but it’s a host’s pleasure to make guests feel welcomed with food they enjoy. Avoid waste by offering “filler food”; make sure you can expect each menu item to be chosen and not lost in the shuffle. For example, if you set out a raw veggie tray, it’s likely to be ignored. But if you set a bowl of red pepper and roasted garlic hummus in the center of the tray, guests are more likely to be drawn to that healthy choice. If you serve queso or chili with all the fixings, use plastic cocktail cups that fit easily on a plate and still leave room. Serving sandwiches? Choose slider portions; you want guests to have room on their plates to sample a little of everything. “Everything” should include hot and cold foods (mostly finger-foods) with enough options for vegetarians and lactose-intolerant friends to have at least 3 choices.

Sit Them Down

Look at your guest list and your RSVPs to determine how many seats you need. Think outside the couch for additional seating. Move the couches away from the wall and set up your kitchen bar stools behind them for a stadium seating feel. Put the lid on your kids’ toy chest and cover with a blanket for an extra bench. Set up the second television in your dining room so guests can see from the buffet or settle in your dining chairs. Once your seating is set, have side tables and clear surfaces safe for plates and drinks to be set down. If you can, invest in a few old gaming chairs that can be set in front of the couches.

Check Your HVAC Before Your Super Bowl Party

Call the heating and air experts at Climate Design to ensure you and your guests will be comfortable in every room after kickoff starts. They’ll make sure your heating and air are ready for a party!