How to Get Your AC Ready for Spring

How to Get Your AC Ready for Spring

Are you a Floridian who is eager for the spring rains? The hot summer sun in Florida is only a few months away, and now is the time to get your AC ready for spring. Follow our guide of four tips for getting your AC system ready for Florida’s wet spring weather, and you’ll be thanking yourself for all your effort. Let’s go:

Tip #1: Change Your Filters

At least four times a year, you should be changing your air filters in your AC system. Air filters collect dust and debris circulating via your AC system, and when those filters get clogged, your air gets contaminated. So minimize the risk of inhaling a lot of dust and debris by changing your air filters on time.

Tip #2: Clean Debris

Your exterior condenser is a prime magnet for renegade twigs and foliage, so make sure you are regularly cleaning around the condenser unit. In addition, you can help to maintain the health of your AC unit by cleaning the condenser coils. Make sure you follow the proper instructions for cleaning your condenser, according to the instruction booklet included with your purchase.

Tip #3: Turn On Your System

In Florida, you may run your air conditioning system nearly year round. But the best way to determine if your AC unit is working properly is to turn it on. Try not to turn your AC on and off quickly. You need to give your system time to switch between cooling and heating. Instead, wait until you really don’t need heat anymore to crank up the AC and to test whether it is cooling your house in comfortably. As you practice doing this, you will get better at knowing how your AC unit is accustomed to working.

Tip #4: Climate Design Will Spring To Help You

For decades, Climate Design has been the go-to company for checking AC units and making sure systems are ready to go for all types of Florida weather. With so much moisture in the air, it’s always a good idea to get your AC system checked. You don’t want your system to fail on those muggy, humid spring days in Florida, so now is the time to try to prevent that emergency call. Instead, contact the experts at Climate Design today!