How an Energy Savings Agreement Can Help Cut Costs

How an Energy Savings Agreement Can Help Cut Costs

All air-conditioning experts recommend having an air conditioner inspected and cleaned at least once a year to increase its lifespan. An air conditioner is one of the most expensive home appliances and is expensive to replace. Homeowners in Florida must have air-conditioning to have a comfortable environment, and failing to have yearly maintenance can lead to more frequent breakdowns. If you’re concerned about the high price of repair costs, an energy savings agreement is a great solution.

Energy Savings Agreement Benefits

A clean cooling system improves the air quality in a home to help avoid allergic reactions from pollutants such as pollen, pet dander and household dust. However, the best benefit from an energy savings agreement is saving money on the cost of air conditioner maintenance and repairs.

Besides saving you money on seasonal maintenance, an energy savings agreement can also help cut costs all year because your system will run more efficiently, saving you money on your electric bill. Additionally, an energy savings agreement provides other perks, which include:

– Automatic priority for service scheduling

– Year-round service anytime, day or night

– Saving 15 percent on parts and repairs

A yearly 26-point cleaning and inspection of an air conditioner

– Enhancing your system’s lifetime and performance

– Service the same day a homeowner calls

Choose an Plan With a Comprehensive Checkup

While many air conditioner maintenance agreements offer a limited number of services, the most effective service plans will have a comprehensive exam, which includes:

– Tightening the refrigerant connections to prevent leaks

– Flushing the drain pan and cleaning the drain line

– Inspecting the switches and thermostat

– Removing debris from the interior and exterior unit

– Lubrication of moving mechanisms

– Checking the airflow of the air conditioner

– Verifying the thermostat’s accuracy

– Adjusting the air conditioner’s blower

– Inspecting the system’s safety controls

– Cleaning the exterior and interior coils

Become a VIP Customer at Climate Design

Instead of waiting for air conditioner service during the hottest days of summer, call Climate Design today to purchase an affordable energy savings agreement. After making this maintenance plan purchase, the price is guaranteed, leading to saving money when requiring routine maintenance or emergency repairs. We provide Trane Comfort Specialists to repair equipment and have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. It is easy to request an energy savings agreement quote by calling us at 1-888-572-7245 or set up an appointment online.