Does Groundhog Day Matter in The Tampa Bay Area?

Does Groundhog Day Matter In Tampa Bay, Florida?

Groundhog Day is an interesting holiday as the nation focuses on the potential for an early end to winter conditions. With one major blizzard past and threats of another major snowstorm to strike the Midwest and Rocky Mountains on Groundhog Day 2016, some people may already suspect that Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and that there will be another six weeks of winter. However, data from past decades suggests that Phil is not always correct in his predictions. Localized data for Clearwater may be the best indicator of when to expect the weather to warm.

Warming Trends for the Clearwater Area

According to, July is the warmest month in the area, and January is the coolest month. The average high temperatures tend to creep upward toward the 80s during March, at which point some residents may want to start using their air conditioning intermittently. As the progression toward summer continues, expect average high temperatures to be in the 90s with heavier air conditioning activity expected throughout the summer.

Preparing in Advance with Preventive Maintenance

Groundhog Day serves as an excellent reminder for Clearwater residents to manage their spring cleaning and maintenance needs, including scheduling preventive service for air conditioning systems. Preventive maintenance is important for achieving the highest levels of efficiency possible. Although an air filter keeps much of the airborne material in a home away from the interior equipment, some particulates get through, settling on evaporator coils and in the drain pan. An HVAC technician cleans these parts to restore airflow and to improve indoor air quality levels. The inspection during this service call also enables a technician to identify potential problems such as low refrigerant, wear and tear of moving parts, and duct leaks, issues that could lead to poor comfort and efficiency levels or unexpected system breakdowns during the heart of the cooling season.

Smart System Management with a Wireless Thermostat

The focus on Groundhog Day and weather conditions may prompt a greater interest in local weather trends. A smart thermostat may be an ideal way to obtain community data, including weather reports, statistics for HVAC activity in the area, and household reports of energy usage. A smart thermostat allows a homeowner to make adjustments from a computer or wireless device from another part of the house or from a remote location such as work. Groundhog Day 2016 is an excellent springboard for implementing this important upgrade.

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