DIY Window Treatments

To put it simply, window treatments are functional and aesthetic coverings placed inside, on or over windows. These treatments serve to not only provide privacy for those living or working inside a home or building, but also to control the amount of natural light that enters the structure.

To keep our homes cool and our energy bills low, Florida homeowners should cover most of their windows during the hottest and brightest times of a summer day. Here, we take a look at three do-it-yourself (DIY) window treatments that help keep your money in your wallet while keeping you cool.

Napkin Café Curtains

A fun and easy project is transforming a patterned cloth napkin into cute pair of curtains. All you do is grab some napkins with a cute pattern. You take the napkins and join their edges with jean rivets, being sure to space every two inches. Cut small holes in the fabric and add either grommets or rivets into the fabric. In minutes, you can have fun new curtains to liven up your kitchen or bathroom window.

Trimmed Tablecloths

Give your window a hipster personality with a curtain made out of tablecloth. First, you’ll need a square or rectangular tablecloth. For some added flare, look for a tablecloth with tassels or ruffles. Take the tablecloth and cut it into two even panels. To keep the tablecloth looking tidy, be sure to hem the edges. Iron-on seam tape is a quick and easy alternative to sewing the hem. Some people like to use tablecloths that look like traditional curtains, while others like them to look intentionally like a tablecloth for a relaxed and “hippy” look. It’s all up to you!

Printed Roman Shade

A hand stenciled Roman shade is a quick and easy way to add your personal touch to any room. You can find stencils at either your local hobby store or online. Simply lay the pattern on top of the shade and trace in pencil. If you are happy with the pencil mockup, use a black fabric marker to trace the outline.

If you are thinking about writing a message on the curtain, maybe for a nursery room or to match room decoration, try clipping out the words from other fabric and sewing them onto the curtain. In order to get a perfectly centered and spaced word, start with the center letter and then add the next one to the right, then to the left, and so on.

These three DIY window treatment options are easy to assemble, cost-effective and will give your home a very natural, relaxed look, not to mention they will also save money on your power bill. Now all you need is regular maintenance on your HVAC from Climate Design and you will be lounging in comfort all year long!