Daylight Savings Time: What It Means For Your AC in Tampa Bay

Daylight Savings Time Air Conditioning Clearwater Tampa St. Petersburg Florida

Daylight Savings Time means moving your clocks ahead by one hour, but that doesn’t just mean that you will be missing out on a little extra sleep in Tampa Bay this spring. This year, Daylight Savings Time runs from March 13 until November 6, 2016. As the days become longer and hotter in the coming weeks, your air conditioner will soon work much longer and harder hours. Carrying out some preventative maintenance on your AC before the first real heat wave of humidity hits will give you peace of mind knowing that this vital component of your home will work smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Residential air conditioners lose around five percent of their efficiency every year, and this can result in unbelievable energy bills. In order to keep your AC as efficient as possible, you should consider scheduling an AC maintenance service call well before the thermometer outside reaches into the usual summer weather pattern here in Florida. During these service calls, your technician will carry out a number of important maintenance tasks such as testing the thermostat’s accuracy, cleaning the coils, changing the filters, topping off the fluids, and more.

Increase Your AC’s Service Life

The lifespan of your air conditioner will depend on a few different factors such as how well the system is maintained and how often it is used. With the proper maintenance, homeowners can expect their AC to last for upwards of 15 years. When these systems aren’t regularly serviced, however, families might have to deal with catastrophic breakdowns after just a few summers. A little bit of preventative maintenance could save you from replacing the entire system in the next few years, and not to mention saving you from a dreaded outage in the middle of the sweaty summer.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The heat and moisture that is created by an air conditioner during the long Daylight Savings Time months will create the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and other forms of bacteria. Over time, the airborne contaminants that are produced by these substances will eventually find their way into your family’s lungs. This can result in a number of respiratory issues such as severe seasonal allergies and asthma. Your HVAC technician can remove the unhealthy substances from the ducts and coils so that you and your family can continue to enjoy cool and clean air.

Daylight Savings Time and Your Air Conditioner: We Can Help

How do you feel about Daylight Savings Time in Tampa Bay? Either way, the team here at Climate Design understands just how frustrating it can be to deal with skyrocketing energy bills or an older AC unit that constantly breaks down. This is why our technicians are devoted to helping all locals with the preventative services that they need to keep their home cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. Contact us today to schedule your next HVAC service call.