Can You Put Drano Down a Toilet?

Can You Put Drano Down a Toilet?

Oh, crap. The toilet is clogged again. And the last thing any of us wants to do is go in with that nasty plunger trying to fix the problem. This is when some might be tempted to reach for the nice little bottle of Drano under the sink. After all, it works so well last week when the sink was clogged. What could go wrong?

However, if you read the label on a bottle of Drano, you will notice a warning statement discouraging you from pouring the product down a toilet’s drain. Some may be tempted to pour Drano into a clogged toilet since removing toilet clogs can be messy work, but doing so will not clear the clog, but will instead put you in danger.

Can You Pour Drano in the Toilet?

Pouring Drano down your toilet bowl can sometimes turn your bathroom into a dangerous and deadly lab experiment. The reason being that most common toilet cleaners contain bleach. This mixes with the ammonia in Drano producing a toxic and sometimes deadly gas called chloramines. While death is an extreme side effect of exposure to chloramines, some not so uncommon side effects include difficulty breathing, eye irritation, chest pain, and pneumonia.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Drano Down a Toilet

On top of possible producing harmful chemicals, there are several reasons not to mix Drano and your toilet.

First of all, the drains on toilets are different from those of bathtubs and showers. In a normal drain, Drano sinks down and clears out the clog. However, Drano sits on top of the toilet bowl clog, never clearing the way. So, not only is Drano dangerous to put down your toilet, it is ineffective.
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How to Unclog a Toilet Without Using Drano

There is no way around it, unclogging a toilet is dirty work. The best and most effective way to deal with a clogged toilet is the old-fashioned way, with a plunger and bucket. Quick fixes such as Drano appeal to those who wish not to get their hands dirty, however, these methods remain dangerous and ineffective.

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