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Duct installations & replacements in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater Trusts Our Techs to Replace & Install Ducts

When you work with Climate Design, you're working with some of the most trusted AC technicians in the Clearwater area. We've been replacing ductwork for nearly half a century and many of our customers have been with us almost that long. Our customers trust us to replace this important part of their HVAC system because we train our technicians to focus on providing a superior customer experience. When you choose Climate Design to install or replace your AC system ductwork, you can expect:

Service Details

Need to install or replace air ducts? Our experience makes all the difference.

The condition of your home's air ducts can impact your indoor air quality, personal comfort and energy bills. If ductwork is not installed properly, an HVAC system can lose a tremendous amount of energy due to loose connections between sections of the duct, increasing your energy bills. So, it's best to hire an experienced contractor for the project.

When you work with Climate Design, experience is exactly what you get. We'll check if your ductwork needs replacing or if a duct repair would work because we're here to give you honest advice—not to just make a quick buck. If you need to install brand new ductwork, we have the experience needed to properly plan the project so you can enjoy reliable ducts for years to come.

Give us a call (even on Sunday!) to get the ball rolling on your ductwork installation service.

Brayden called me to ask if he could arrive early, which was definitely a pleasant surprise. He kept me informed of what my HVAC system was having issues with and gave me an estimate of the price. He was great and very clean.

Janet C.


How much does it cost to install or replace ductwork in Clearwater?

  • Low: $5,000
  • Average: $7,500
  • High: $10,000+
What factors affect the cost?
  • Material of the new ducts.

    Ducts are generally made out of fiberglass, sheet metal or flexible aluminum. In order to accommodate for curves and corners in your home, your HVAC contractor might use a mix of materials for your ductwork installation. It may cost more to install fiberglass ducts or sheet metal ducts than for aluminum ductwork.

  • The cost of labor:

    If a contractor spent any time making the repairs on your furnace, that time will appear on your repair bill as the cost of labor. Labor costs vary based on the type of repair that's required and whether replacement parts need to be installed, among other factors.

  • Size of your home and number of HVAC systems installed.

    Larger homes have more ductwork and some may have more than one HVAC system installed, so that will increase replacement costs.

  • Layout of your home.

    More complicated home layouts, including those with more than one floor, also increase the cost of ductwork replacement. If you're installing ductwork for the first time, your HVAC technician might have to cut into walls or floors, which will increase the labor costs for your ductwork installation.


Four Easy Steps for Ductwork Installations & Replacements
  1. Calendar Icon

    1.Schedule a free ductwork replacement estimate

    Ready to schedule an appointment? Call Climate Design at (727) 592-5040 or use our easy online scheduling form. One of our customer service representatives will book your free consultation right away.

  2. Checklist Icon

    2.Discuss your options for ductwork service

    One of our friendly HVAC technicians will arrive at your home on time. Then, they'll conduct a replacement assessment of your existing ductwork or create a plan that further improves airflow and circulation throughout your home. Finally, they'll show you the best plan for ductwork services that will meet your needs and budget.

  3. Relax Icon

    3.Relax while we install or replace your ducts

    Once you've chosen the best ductwork service for you, we'll schedule an installation or replacement. We normally take 4-5 days to complete ductwork services, including the time it takes to test the system and walk you through our work.

  4. Chat Icon

    4.Give us feedback

    We hope you enjoy your new, reliable ductwork and know that your investment will help reduce your utility bills for years to come. If you feel that we might have done something better, please contact us so we can set things right.

Maintenance Plan

Keep your ducts & HVAC systems in great shape with our maintenance plan

Your ducts and HVAC systems have a symbiotic relationship. Both need to be in great condition to keep your energy bills down. To help you keep both your ducts and HVAC systems efficient so you can reap the cost benefits, we offer a maintenance plan.

Saving money is just the beginning. Enrolling in our maintenance plan also gives you perks like:

  • Precision tune-ups
  • Exclusive 24/7/365 emergency service
  • Priority scheduling
  • And much more!
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AC unit had its annual checkup. Tech suggested considering having ductwork replaced due to fiberglass separating from the hardboard. Ductwork was 40 years old so figured replacement was due. Arranged for installers. They were on time. Total job took a day and a half. Kudos to Paul, Melissa, Marcus, & Fred.

-Milr H. of ClearwaterSee all reviews

Give us the opportunity to earn your lifetime trust.

Most home service companies in Clearwater can pull off a great job some of the time. But when it's your ductwork that could be costing you money, you don't want to roll the dice. You want your ductwork installation done right the first time around.

Luckily, Climate Design is the company you can count on for a consistently great experience for home service installs, every time. That's why many of our customers stay loyal to us for 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years!

Give us the opportunity to earn your lifetime trust and enjoy whole-home comfort for decades to come.

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