The Complete Guide to Plumbing for Pet Owners


If you have a four-legged friend at home, there are plenty of things to watch out for. One such thing involves your home’s plumbing. Make sure you’re on top of your pet’sas well as your home’shealth with these simple six and effective plumbing tips.

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#1 Avoid Clogged Pipes With a Drain Stop or Strainer


While most of our pets dread the moment bath time comes around, the whole ordeal can become even more of a headache for us if our drains and pipes become clogged with pet hair. Block animal hair from entering your drain by using your tub’s drain stop. Alternatively, you can invest in a drain strainer which will prevent your drain from becoming blocked and also reduce the risk of a slow moving drain.

#2 Be Careful What You Flush For


Even if your kitty litter claims to be flushable, avoid flushing cat litter as a wise rule-of-thumb. When it’s time to change out the litter box, place litter in a plastic bag and dispose of everything in your outdoor garbage bin. For a more thorough list of what you shouldn’t be flushing down the toilet, check out this septic tank don’t flush list.

#3 Check Water Pressure and Temperature


Install pressure balancing valves on your faucets and shower heads to avoid suddenly scalding your pets during bath time if someone flushes the toilet. We’ve all been there, and the shock of getting stung by steaming hot water isn’t the most pleasant kind of surprise. Protect your pet from overheating at bath time by investing in pressure balance valves and making sure the temperature isn’t too hot before you dip them in the tub.

#4 Protect Pipes from Pet Chewing


Pet proof your home and pipes by covering drains and securing exposed pipes, especially if you have a rascally four-legged friend who’s in the puppy phase of gnawing on everything in sight. This is an even wiser piece of advice if you have very small pets at home, who could easily enter the drains or pipes and become stuck.

#5 Keep Water Bowls Full and Toilet Lids Closed


If your pets’ water bowl isn’t full, you may find them making their way to the bathroom toilet for a drink of water. Keep toilet lids closed to avoid this problem, and in certain cases you may just want to keep the bathroom door closed altogether. Some pets can teach themselves how to turn on faucets on their own, which could lead to a huge waste of energy and higher water bills. Make sure you provide pets with plenty of water to reduce your family’s water usage.

#6 Watch out for Backyard Digging of Water/Sewer Lines


Water and sewer lines in your backyard can sometimes be dug very shallow. Keep an eye out if your pet is digging around in the backyard that they don’t expose any pipes and begin to chew. This could quickly become a huge and costly home repair issue.

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