Why Commercial Experience Matters In an AC Company

Why Commercial Experience Matters In an AC Company

Commercial buildings typically require more advanced air conditioning systems. Consequentially, installing or repairing an AC unit in a commercial building is often a more complicated and complex task than it would be at a residence.

If you are in need of air conditioning services for your business, it’s important to choose a company that has significant experience working with commercial buildings. Here’s why.

Commercial Buildings Have Different Needs

Think about the differences in structure between your home and your office. It’s likely your office is larger, with more open areas and higher ceilings. It may also have larger, or even wall-length, windows that allow more heat to infiltrate the building. Conference rooms and private offices may require individual vents and thermostats to maintain comfortable temperatures.

If there is an abundance of machinery in your office—including computers, printers and scanners—your office space may be susceptible to added heat. Offices with server rooms, which hold lots of heat-generating equipment, must be kept cool for the safety of the machinery.

Warehouses may need to be maintained at specific temperatures based on the goods and products they are storing. These spaces require efficient temperature and humidity control to prevent damages. Ultimately, all of these things contribute to the complexities of a commercial air conditioning system.

How Air Conditioners Meet Commercial Needs

AC units for commercial buildings must be robust, strong and extremely dependable. The highest quality air conditioners, air filtration systems and ventilation can help make your commercial space a safer, more comfortable environment for you, your employees and your customers.

With proper maintenance to maintain air quality, you can also keep your employees healthier—and less sick days mean more productivity.

If for no other reason, a comfortable temperature is necessary in a workspace to promote employee happiness and productivity. No one likes to sweat at a desk job.

Trust Us With Your Commercial AC Needs!

At Climate Design, we understand commercial needs are different from residential needs. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality equipment, installed by a knowledgeable, well-trained team.


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