How to Clean Up Water Leaks

How to Clean Up Water Leaks

Water leaks are never a good sign, and unfortunately, they are often undetected until it is too late. Water damage can ruin some of your most valuable possessions and can cause thousands of dollars in havoc to your home. Follow this guide for a few simple solutions to prevent and clean up water leaks.

Step 1. Take the right safety precautions.

Water damage should not be taken lightly. Water and electricity do not mix well so be sure to turn off the power supply in the affected area before doing anything else. You can then work on getting any electrical items out of the way as well as other items that could be threatened by water.

Step 2. Remove the water.

After you have safely secured the affected area you can now remove the water. The old fashioned way works great and is probably the safest method. Use towels, buckets and mops to soak up as much water as possible. If you have a wet/dry vacuum be careful of where you plug it in, make sure it is not by an outlet that has been affected by the water leak.

Step 3. Dry the affected area.

It’s important to dry the affected area as much as possible to prevent further damage and mold growth. You can use fans, a dehumidifier or if applicable you can open up the windows to let the water evaporate. Dry walls will have to be cut out as they will crumble after water damage and any press boards will probably not be salvageable.

Step 4. Disinfect and prevent mold growth.

Getting rid of any bacteria by disinfecting will help to prevent mold growth. Make sure to disinfect everything that was touched by water including walls, wood, and non-upholstered furniture. After disinfecting, let the area dry off before using a preventative mold growth solution. This will ensure that spores are killed before they can grow by providing a sealing coat on all of your belongings.

Step 5. Schedule a plumbing service for any necessary repairs or replacements.

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