How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke

Cleaning the toilet…it’s one of the most dreaded household chores, but we all have to do it at some point.

If your toilet is full of limescale and other stains and you don’t have or don’t want to use a chemical cleaner, go ahead and reach for your nearest can of Coke.

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke in 4 Steps

Here, we look at what steps to take in order to clean the toilet with one can of Coke:

Step 1. Pour Coke Into Toilet Bowl

Pour the can of Coke around the rim of the toilet’s bowl so it flows over the various stains around the inside of the bowl.

Step 2. Let Coke Sit for at Least an Hour

For extra tough stains, you can let the Coke sit overnight in the toilet.

Step 3. Scrub With a Brush

Clean the toilet with a brush for added cleaning. With stubborn stains, you should be able to loosen them using a toilet brush.

Step 4. Flush

By this time, the buildup from the lime and calcium deposits should be dissolved by the phosphoric acid in the Coke.

Try Natural Toilet Cleaners

If the problem persists, try natural toilet cleaners instead.

While the Coke may be able to remove some buildup, it may not be strong enough in order to remove more stubborn stains.

In addition, the sugar found in the Coke can leave your toilet bowl sticky and lead to bacteria growth.

Some other natural cleaners you could make yourself and use include:

  • Mix ½ vinegar and one fourth cup baking soda into a ½ gallon jug of water. Apply to the toilet bowl, and wait an hour before flushing.
  • Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water in a spray bottle to take care of the mold. Spray onto the moldy surface and wait an hour. Scrub solution away until mold dissolves.

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