Can the Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

Can the Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

Even though Florida is known as the Sunshine State, Florida averages more than 54 inches of rain each year! And while the rain may be great for our lawns and gardens, is all that rain good for our air conditioning units too? Because the compressor portion of the average air conditioning system is housed outdoors, many homeowners wonder how all that rainfall affects their system and whether or not they need to protect their ACs. Here’s what you should know:

Is My AC Protected During Heavy Rains?

Air conditioning systems are built tough, which is why they can withstand inclement weather such as heavy rains and the like. In most circumstances, your air conditioning system is completely safe during rainstorms and can be used as you would normally use it. While some homeowners believe that putting a tarp over the condenser unit is necessary to protect the unit from harm during rain, this practice can actually cause more bad than good. Tarps can restrict air circulation and cause water damage and rust—so next time there’s a big rainstorm, just let your AC do its thing.

When You Should Weatherproof Your AC

As the Beatles once said…let it be. The majority of the time, you air conditioning system is completely fine and protected against the elements. Only in extreme cases of weather, like hurricanes, blizzards and other large storms, should you take preventative measures to protect your AC. In those rare situations, here’s what you can do to weatherproof your AC before a big storm:

  • Cover the outside unit: You can cover the outside unit with a tarp for added protection, but only for the duration for the storm—not for long periods of time.
  • Clean the area around the unit: Clear your backyard of anything that could damage your AC system if high winds were to blow them around. Think patio furniture, toys and yard tools.
  • Invest in a backup generator: Investing in a backup generator is a great idea during Florida’s hurricane season. Because there are an increased number of storms, coupled with the Florida heat, you don’t want to be caught in the dead of summer sans AC.

While the rain is unlikely to negatively affect your air conditioning system, if your AC does run into trouble, give the professionals at Climate Design a call! Our team of trained technicians will quickly diagnose and assess any issue with your AC so your home can feel its best. To learn more about Climate Design and what we can do for you, be sure to visit Climate Design today!