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How to Get an Animal Out of Your Air Ducts. A FL Tech Explains

What to Do If an Animal Gets Stuck in My Air Conditioner

Many times, wild animals, such as birds or even squirrels, enter your home in order to avoid the summer heat or stormy weather outside, and they end up becoming trapped inside.

When a small animal becomes stuck, it most likely entered your home through one of the various vents or ducts of your HVAC system.

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How to Get an Animal out of your Ductwork

You do not want the animal to die inside your home due to the odor and potential harmful diseases or bacteria.

To remove the animal and avoid a similar incident in the future, follow the tips below:

Step 1. Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

The last thing you want is for your AC to turn on and turn your squirrel or another animal into a crispy critter. Dead animals can be very unpleasant to clean out and also remove safely.

Step 2. Contact Pest Control

You’ll need to contact a wildlife or pest control professional in order to determine the best way possible to remove the animal without it biting anyone or getting loose in your home.

It can be very dangerous to try to remove the animal yourself without any expert technique or equipment. You also don’t want the animal to get hurt if it still has a chance at living.

Step 3. Trapping

To remove the animal, you can also easily set traps around your home. You can set live traps near the vents in order to let the animal leave the ductwork and be captured humanely and removed alive from your home.

How to Prevent Animals From Getting Stuck in Your AC System

Removing any animal from your home is not an experience you’d like to repeat more than once.

Locate any easy animal entry points into your home, such as open vents, and cover them with a hardware cloth or metal grate that will prevent any re-entry into your home.

You may also want to re-consider the trees surrounding the home. Try cutting any branches that are in close proximity to the house.

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