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How to Fix a Broken Toilet Chain. A Florida Plumber Explains.

Is your toilet not flushing?

Having to deal with a broken john will put a damper on anyone’s day. This is especially the case if you just used it, or if you only have one bathroom at home and everyone is freaking out over it not working properly.

Fortunately, some toilet issues can be solved by following simple steps, and having a broken chain is one of them.

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How to Fix a Broken Toilet Chain in 7 Steps

Make sure you have a good pair of pliers before you begin, and that you buy a new chain from any hardware store.


  • Pliers
  • New toilet chain


Step 1. Shut off the water supply. This is the valve located right underneath the toilet tank.

Step 2. Flush the toilet. Any time you’re going to work with any part inside of the toilet tank, you want to make sure the tank is empty.

Step 3. Take off the lid of the tank. Place it somewhere safe. If you put it on top of the sink or the edge of the bathtub and it falls and cracks, you’ll have to make a fun trip to buy a new one. Since you’re probably reading this blog because the chain is defective, manually lift the rubber flapper valve to let the water out.

Step 4. Locate the chain. It is literally a small chain connected to the flushing handle. Use your pliers to remove the chain from the handle.

Step 5. Remove the flapper. This part is the rubber material that’s connected to the other end of the toilet chain (the portion that you lifted to flush the toilet manually). You can easily remove it by pulling on the wings that attach it to the overflow tube.

Step 6. Remove the chain from the flapper. You can do so with the pliers.

Step 7. Install the new chain. Use the pliers to unbend the last link so that you can hook it to the flapper. Then do the same to the other end to hook it up with the flushing handle.

Replace the tank lid and remember to turn the water supply back on. Flush the toilet to make sure you installed it correctly. Rejoice in having a working toilet.

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