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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Sink in Florida?

Need to repair a broken sink? The average cost to repair a sink in Florida ranges from $99 to $194.

The range of costs changes depending on the following factors:

Only a licensed plumber can give you an exact quote for the cost of the sink repair. Meanwhile, this blog does offer some guidelines to help you calculate a “ballpark” cost. So, let’s go into more detail about each cost factor.

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Cost Factor #1: What sink repair is needed

Depending on what part of the sink needs to be repaired, the cost will fluctuate. For example, you’ll pay less to repair small cracks in the sink surface but will pay more for larger repairs like a faucet stem screw problem.

The repair may be expensive because of the part that’s required and/or because the plumber needs more time to repair or replace those parts.

You should also take into account the cost of related repairs or replacements. For instance, if your sink issue caused water or drain damage that also requires repair, your overall costs will likely increase.

Cost Factor #2: Whether or not your warranties cover the repair

In general, if your sink is still under warranty, you’ll pay far less for repair costs.

Your sink should be covered by 2 types of warranties:

  • Parts warranty: Most residential manufacturers cover sink repairs for 2-7 years after installation. Depending on the manufacturer, some parts warranties last for the lifetime of the sink. You can check if your parts warranty is still valid by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Labor warranty: Most plumbing contractors usually include a labor warranty that will cover the cost of repair work due to an installation problem. This warranty typically lasts 1-2 years after the installation. Contact the plumbing contractor that installed your sink to check if the labor warranty is valid.

Cost Factor #3: The contractor you hire for the repair

The contractor you hire to repair your sink will determine how much you’ll end up paying in labor costs.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the labor costs, here’s how most plumbing contractors break down charges for repair services:

  • Diagnostic fee: Many contractors charge a diagnostic fee of $50-$150 to figure out what’s wrong with your sink. Climate Design does not do this. We always provide free estimates.

Hourly rate v.s. Fixed rates: Some contractors will charge by the hour for a sink repair. Hourly rates sound like a great deal, but the risk is that you’ll pay more for the repair if the contractor takes longer than expected. In contrast, other contractors—like us—charge a fixed rate. This fixed rate is an upfront fee and is honored no matter how long the repair takes.

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