Why Is My AC Filter Wet?

Wet Air Filter

Is your air conditioners air filter wet? There could be an issue lurking deep within your heating and cooling system. The filter is an important part of an AC’s anatomy because it works to protect the moving parts from dust, debris, and the like. But, if the air filter isn’t properly maintained, it can cause a variety of issues.

3 Most Common Causes of a Wet Air Filter

1. Clogged Condensation Pan

An air conditioner cools the air by blowing the warm, moist air from your home past a series of evaporator coils. As this process takes place, condensation forms around the evaporator coils. This condensation is entirely normal and is collected into a condensation pan before being flushed out.

A common issue with condensation pans is clogging—and when the pan does clog, water can begin to leak out and be absorbed by the air filter.

2. Improper Air Filter Installation

It’s possible that a wet air filter is the result of a faulty installation of the air filter or even the entire air conditioning system. If you suspect the air filter was installed improperly, remove the filter, check for any clogs in the condenser pan, and install a new filter correctly.

3. Faulty Air Conditioner Installation

If this doesn’t solve the issue, there could be an issue with the installation of your air conditioning units. Faulty AC installation is not an easy fix and should be addressed by a professional technician from Climate Design.

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How to Prevent Wet Air Filters

Stopping wet air filters before they start is easy with a little TLC.

To prevent a wet filter and other potential AC disasters, make sure that you if you have an air conditioning system installed, it is installed by a professional. Hiring an unlicensed contractor or someone who doesn’t have the necessary credentials could cost you more in the long run.

Regular and preventive AC maintenance is another easy way to ensure that your air filters stay dry and the rest of your air conditioning system stays in top shape. For good measure, make sure you have a maintenance checkup twice a year.

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