Air Conditioning Fact vs. Fiction

When it comes to Air Conditioning, it seems like everyone has advice on how to stay cool or save money. But don’t believe everything you hear, as there is a lot of misinformation spreading around about your home’s comfort. That’s why we at Climate Design have decided to set the record straight by separating the air conditioning facts from fiction.

Fiction: Closing my AC vents will save me money.

Fact: AC vents are only made to close for personal comfort reasons, not to save money. Shutting off a vent won’t stop air from flowing to that air duct, the air just will not be able to get out of the vent. This means that you will be spending money just to cool your ducts.

Fiction: If you’re a snowbird, you should shut off your AC before leaving for the summer.

Fact: While it might seem silly to leave your AC on while you leave for extended periods of time, it’s important to do so, especially if your house is in Florida. Your air conditioner does not just keep you cool, it removes humidity from the air. Turning it off when you leave for the summer can lead to mold growing on your walls and floors. When going north for the summer, set your thermostat to around 80 so you can cut down on energy cost while removing the humidity from the air.

Fiction: A ceiling fan will cool the temperature of the room.

Fact: Fans don’t cool the air in a room; they simply make you feel cooler by moving the air around your skin. Many people think that installing a fan will help cut down on cost by lowering the temperature in the room and giving their AC less work. This is simply untrue. However, strategically placed fans can keep you cool and temporarily eliminate your need for constant AC.

Fiction: Turning your AC down cooler will make the temperature drop faster.

Fact: When trying to cool down your home quickly, it might be tempting to turn your thermostat as low as it will go to cool down your home faster. However, air conditioners only work at one speed, so no matter what you set it to, your home will cool down at the same rate.

Fiction: Switching the AC off when nobody’s home will save money.

Fact: You’ll often hear people say you should switch off your AC when nobody is home to cut down on cooling cost. While this might sound like a good idea, it is actually counterproductive. It takes much more energy to cool down a house than maintaining a constant temperature all day. If you want to save money, try turning up the thermostat around five or seven degrees before leaving each day.

If you have any questions about air conditioning facts vs fiction, feel free to call the experienced technicians at Climate Design. We are more than happy to help with all your HVAC needs, and are ready and able to answer all of your questions.