Why Is My Air Conditioner Smelly?

Ooh, that smell! No matter where you go in your house there is no escape. That potent odor follows you around as it wafts through your air conditioner. It doesn’t matter how many candles you burn or air fresheners you spray, you just can’t squash that vile scent. Before you surrender and switch off your air conditioner, call an air conditioner technician to solve your problem. Chances are, this unfriendly odor is one of these common HVAC problems.

Air Conditioner Is Too Big

Your air conditioner has two very important jobs; to provide cool, fresh air and to act as a dehumidifier. Both are equally important to your home’s comfort. However, if your unit is too big for your home, it might be doing its job a little too well. If your AC is able to cool down your house super fast, than the dehumidifier won’t have time to run. This will leave moisture in your air that can cause a nasty mildew smell. If you don’t want to replace your unit, try adding some extra dehumidifiers around to pick up the slack.

Dirty Cooling Coils

Your air conditioner cools your home by blowing air over the condensers cooling coils. If these coils are dirty with bacteria, mildew or other pollutants, the air will pick up these nasty smells. Your air conditioner will blow this stinky air all throughout the house, giving your home a stale and moldy odor.

Poor Air Filtration System

Your air filters prevent pollutants from the outside from reaching your house. However, if there is something wrong with this system or you neglect to change your filters, foul smells may fill your home. Try changing your air filters, or call in a professional HVAC technician to check on your filtration system.

Dead Critter

It’s not uncommon for a poor raccoon or bird to meet its untimely demise inside your ductwork or vents. However, it is far more common for an animal to die in your walls or attic. This decaying smell gets carried around by the air conditioner, so many assume that the unfortunate creature is in their AC. If you think a dead animal may be stinking up your home, call in a professional to investigate.

Clogged Drain

Water can back up when your AC’s drain pan is clogged. This turns into a cesspool of mold, mildew and bacteria. Since the water is located so close to your ductwork, the moldy, musty smell can be sent throughout your home. The best solution is to call in in an AC technician to unclog your drain.

When you have a bad smell coming from your air conditioner, don’t wait. Call Climate Design today. That musty smell could be harmful mold, making your air unsafe and damaging your house. Trust the experienced technicians at Climate Design to find and eliminate whatever HVAC odor is causing you woe.