Air Conditioner Freezing Over, Even in Florida

Living in the sunshine state, having a working air conditioner is an absolute must. Unfortunately, like any other device, problems can occur with your AC unit that will require some fixing. In certain instances, your air conditioner can freeze up from either damage in your thermostat system, a filthy air filter, or a variety of other factors. Fortunately, there are ways that you can repair your frozen AC unit. Here’s how:

#1: Shut Off Your AC Unit

Shut off your air conditioner instantly. When you do this, you’re preventing the ice buildup inside your air conditioning unit. Also, several units can quickly melt ice with defrost procedure. Make sure to unplug your air conditioner from the electrical outlet—this avoids electric shock produced by this electricity current. Finally, push the “turn off” button on your remote to stop your air conditioner.

#2: Wash Your AC Filter

A filthy air filter is a factor that frequently leads to an AC system that freezes up. Open the access panel on your AC unit, take out the air filter, and start removing all of the dirt and debris. If your air filter is dirty, it can keep cool air from dispersing throughout your home. Therefore, the cool air drastically lowers the temperature, creating freezing problems with your air conditioner. After eliminating these impurities, you can solve freezing issues that can happen in your AC units.

#3: Open Your AC Unit Outside

If your air conditioner has a unit outside, check it. Open the access panel on the outside unit, and you should find a little bit of ice on the coil. Begin scraping the ice from the coil around your outside unit—don’t use something sharp because it can cause more harm to your air conditioner. Remove dirt and other scum from your unit and then use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust from the outside unit. Try a blow dryer if you want to melt the ice quickly.

#4: Adjust Your Thermostat Setting

If your thermostat system is not on the proper setting, your unit won’t work correctly, resulting in a freeze in your AC unit. Most thermostats operate with batteries, so check the batteries in your thermostat system. Make sure your thermostat is completely clean and operating correctly, because your thermostat manages and controls the temperature of your AC unit. If you don’t follow these steps, your thermostat setting will begin to form ice in your unit.