Why Your AC Needs a 26-Point Tune-Up

air conditioning tune up

Many homeowners don’t bother to worry about their air conditioner’s maintenance until after there is a problem. After all, their AC is out of sight and out of mind, right? Why should they bother with regular AC maintenance anyway?

It’s actually vital that your AC system is professionally cleaned and inspected twice a year. This is why Climate Design offers a comprehensive 26-point tune-up. Learn how AC maintenance can benefit your air conditioner.

What is a 26-Point Tune-up?

When a Climate Design technician comes to your house for a maintenance check up, they do a thorough inspection of your unit. To ensure everything is working correctly, they have a 26-point system of checking your AC:

  1. Clean outdoor coil
  2. Clean indoor coil (if accessible)
  3. Check safety controls
  4. Check operating pressures
  5. Check starting capabilities
  6. Clean or replace filter (excluding space guard or perfect fit)
  7. Meg compressor windings
  8. Check and adjust blower components
  9. Clean drain line
  10. Wax outdoor unit
  11. Check for correct airflow
  12. Check for proper temperature difference
  13. Check wiring connections
  14. Check heating elements
  15. Lubricate all moving parts
  16. Check t-stat calibration
  17. Check for mold and mildew
  18. Remove debris from bottom of outdoor unit
  19. Check static pressure
  20. Check indoor humidity
  21. Check float switch
  22. Visually inspect for Freon leaks
  23. Visually inspect for rust
  24. Flush out drain pan
  25. Check combustion if applicable
  26. Tighten all Freon connections

How Your AC Benefits From a 26-Point Tune-up

Every HVAC system should have two maintenance checkups a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. This ensures your system is ready for the two most extreme seasons, winter and summer. However, it’s about more than just preparing your system. Regular maintenance checkups benefit your system in many ways, including:

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Improved air quality
  • Less system breakdowns
  • Lengthened unit life
  • Improved home comfort

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Today!

Having a professional maintenance your AC twice a year will greatly improve your home’s comfort. So what are you waiting for? Spring will be here fast, and you want to make sure your AC unit is ready for summer! Call Climate Design and schedule your 26-point spring tune-up today.

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