8 Interesting Things to Know About Air Conditioning

8 Interesting Things to Know About Air Conditioning

Whether we give them the credit they deserve or not, our air conditioners are a huge part of our day-to-day lives. After all, our ACs work hard to allow us refuge from the brutal Florida summer we’re in right now. So, while you’re enjoying your ice-cold AC this week, check out these eight interesting links on air conditioners.

1. Do you use awnings? They may help keep you cool indoors by reducing the greenhouse effect on your home.

2. Eighty-six New Yorkers have been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease this summer due to dirty cooling towers.

3. Still relying on a window unit? Learn why your home needs central AC.

4. 10 surprising facts about AC.

5. It’s been raining…a lot. Fortunately, your air conditioner should be safe.

6. Looking to buy a new air conditioning system? Don’t make these common mistakes first-time AC buyers make.

7. Every wonder how your HVAC system works? This two minute video can help.

8. A funny AC cartoon.

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