7 Signs That Your AC Unit is on its Last Leg

Air conditioning units often show symptoms of wearing down. If your ac unit is exhibiting any of the following seven signs, call in a technician now. Don’t wait till the next heat wave.

1. Your AC Is Not Cooling Properly

The most obvious sign that your ac unit is in trouble is that it fails to cool the house. This could be the result of a number of problems, from the compressor to the thermostat. A technician can diagnose and solve the problem.

2. It’s Making Unusual Noises

A well running ac unit will have a familiar purr that tells you it is functioning. If the unit starts to squeak, you may have trouble with one of the belts. Rattles can indicate loose parts. It’s important to attend to problems before they get worse or cause further damage inside the unit.

3. Your Energy Bill is Getting High

If you get a sudden spike in a utility bill, something is amiss. If the ac unit is working too hard, it will use a lot more electricity. It might be time to replace it.

4. It’s Leaking Water

Check for leaks at the beginning of the summer. There should never be puddles of water around a central air conditioning unit. If there are, have the problem diagnosed or consider replacing the unit.

5. The Coils Keep Freezing

Frozen coils are a common problem. If the unit or pipes have formed a block of ice, the ice will block circulation. You can unplug the unit and let it thaw. If the problem happens repeatedly, though, get it checked out.

6. Your AC Unit is Older Than 10 Years

An air conditioner can weaken gradually as it ages. You may not notice that it’s cooling the house less now than it did before. If it’s ten years old, think about replacing it. A newer unit will be more energy efficient and will definitely save you money.

7. Weak Air Flow

You may notice that the unit is moving less air or that the air is moving less forcefully. This may be due to a dirty air filter that needs to be replaced or a loose belt. Regular servicing will avoid this situation. At worst, it could mean your ac unit is ready to be replaced.

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Service your ac unit regularly. When it does finally wear out or break down, replacing it will save you time and money.