6 Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Ways to Reduce Water Bill

At Climate Design, we not only care about saving you money, but also understand the importance of conserving water.

This is why water conservation is an important skill we want to teach our clients. In addition to adding up on your utility bills, wasting water can also introduce harmful pollutants to nearby lakes, rivers and watersheds.

Here some helpful tips that can help reduce your water bill and conserve more water:

1. Turn off the Tap While Brushing Your Teeth

This is probably one of the simplest ways to cut down on your water consumption. However by remembering to turn off the tap, can save plenty of water.

2. Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

While this isn’t always a practical idea, as showers are ideal when you’re in a hurry, the bathroom is where half of the water in the home is wasted. So, for the sake of conservation, whip out the aroma therapy candles and bubble bath, and swap out one shower a week for a relaxing bath. And while you’re unwinding remember, you’re doing it for the environment.

3. Put off Those Dirty Dishes

Next time someone is nagging you to clean those dishes that have been piling up, reply “but I’m saving water!”. Waiting until the dishwasher is completely full is a great way to lower water consumption. And when you finally do get around to the dishes remember to keep the faucet off when washing them in the sink. Having a washing tub in the sink is another way to save on water usage.

4. Look After Your Yard

While many people believe that the only way to get a green lawn is with constant watering, shutting off the sprinkler can actually help your grass thrive. Grass roots grow down deep, seeking water from the ground, when none is provided from above (i.e. your sprinkler). So missing a few days of watering actually creates a healthier lawn, as well as cuts down on your water bill.

5. Catch Rainwater

A free and easy way to water your house plants is by capturing the rain water falling from your roof. This is a great way to save on money and help the environment.

6. Fix Leaks

While you might have been planning forever to get around to fixing that leaky sink, just remember that its your money being wasted. Every time you hear “drip, drip, drip” just think “dollar, dollar, dollar” because that’s what it is. Your money leaking away. So take the afternoon to fix that sink, your wallet and the environment will thank you.

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