6 Signs You Need a New AC (Infographic)

6 Signs You Need a New AC

Deciding whether or not you think your air conditioner will be able to make it through another Tampa Bay summer is the first step in purchasing a new AC.

Signs You Need a New AC:

6 Signs You Need a New AC - Climate Design


  • A SEER rating lower than 13 means that the energy efficiency of your AC system is much less than what a new system with a higher SEER rating could provide.
  • If the AC system is over ten years old think about all of the indoor comfort it has provided you and your loved ones over the years. Let it retire with dignity.
  • Constant AC repairs mean that the system is fighting hard for what it believes in — comfort.
  • If the cost of repairs is 50 percent or higher than the cost of a new AC system, then it is a wise investment to upgrade.
  • AC systems made before 2010 uses R 22 Freon, now known to be dangerous. Government restrictions on R 22 freon mean that the price of the cooling agent is much higher than the refrigerant that newer systems require.
  • A home that is not comfortable is no home at all. If your system never seems to get your to that comfy place — whether cool or warm — it will be worth it to buy a new AC.

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