6 April Fools’ Day Plumbing Pranks

6 April Fools' Day Plumbing Pranks

Whether you are Matt Lauer pranking Ellen DeGeneres, or just another April Fools’ Day prankster, plumbing pranks can be loads of fun. Fun, unless the prankster is not careful with essential and important pipe systems, so heed our warning and please be cautious with any April Fools’ tricks you may have up your sleeve. Now let’s talk about some quick, easy and, surely, hilarious plumbing pranks to pull on friends or fools this 1st of April.

Plumbing Pranks

  • An old favorite — clear, plastic wrap careful secured to the toilet bowl has been known for many years to prank unsuspecting “fools” to make a mess in the bathroom.
  • Yellow food dye (harmless to plumbing) added to the toilet bowl will convince people that their toilet is not sufficiently flushing away dirty water.
  • Tape down the kitchen sink sprayer lever and watch as the next person to turn on the sink gets sprayed with water. Another variation is to stick a piece of tape to any faucet so that water sprays in all directions when turned on.
  • A slippery toilet seat can be dangerous, so be careful not to over petroleum jelly the seat!
  • A crink in the garden hose has long been a way to prank people who just wish to water their landscape, and perfect for a quick April Fools’ Day hijink.
  • Take a black permanent marker and use your artistic skill to draw a quick spider on the piece hanging off of the toilet paper roll.

Heed Caution With These Plumbing Tricks

Always be careful when deciding which pranks to pull on April Fools’ Day, or any day. Obviously, never inflict actual harm to friends or plumbing systems, and never place anything like fake snakes, fireworks or test chemical reactions in the pipes. A clogged drain and a call to the plumber is never a good start to a new month.

April Fools’ Day Plumbing With Climate Design

Have fun this April Fools’ Day, but again, please be careful with plumbing pranks. Only fools let bad plumbing pranks trick them into faulty pipes. Contact us if you suspect plumbing issues in your Tampa Bay home.