5 Ways to Welcome House Guests

Over the holidays, you’re more likely to have guests than any other time of the year. You want your house guests to feel welcome, but chances are, you already have a lot of other things on your plate! Making your guests feel welcome, however, doesn’t have to take a lot of extra effort. Just follow the quick tips found in this blog and you should have a festive and memorable

Air Out

Open up your guest room a couple of days before your guests will arrive. Change the sheets, dust the room, and give it a chance to air out and warm up, or cool down for us Floridians, to the same temperature as the rest of the house. Be sure that all of the air vents in your home are properly flowing air and not overly exerted to one area of the house only.

Fresh Scents

Add fresh flowers or a plants to your home or guest room. They’ll improve the air quality of the room and make your guest feel welcome for very little effort. Just make sure that you know about any allergies or other concerns beforehand – the last thing you want is to set off an allergic reaction in your loved ones.

Stock Up

Stock some of your guest’s favorite foods in the fridge. Ask ahead of time about favorite munchies, snacking habits, and, again, and other food requirements to know of such as allergies. While the food you have on hand is perfectly fine, knowing that you’ve gone the extra mile will make your house guests feel more welcome.

Set Up

Set out plenty of clean towels and make sure that extra bathroom supplies, including toothpaste and toilet paper, are in plain sight. There’s nothing more embarrassing than needing something and not having any idea where to find it. The situation is even worse if your house guest is alone in the house when they discover that they need these things.

Share important information.

Make sure that your guest knows the code to use your wifi, the trick step that always creaks loudly at two o’clock in the morning, and any other quirks to your home that will help them feel more comfortable. If they’re unfamiliar with the area, consider including a guidebook or other information to help them find important places. You want your guest to feel at home for the duration of their stay.

Contact Climate Design to Service Your Units

If performing maintenance on your heating and air unit is an important part of welcoming your house guest, contact Climate Design today to ensure that you have the best possible service. Your guests will feel more at home in a house that is adequately climate controlled, with a system that works exactly the way it’s supposed to.