5 Things to Know About Legionnaires’ Disease

5 Things to Know About Legionnaires' Disease

Legionnaires’ disease has been the cause of illness and some fatalities in a few parts of the US, including Florida, in recent years.

It’s important to be aware of this illness and understand how to prevent it by keeping HVAC systems clean. Although this bacterial infection does not spread from person to person, it can be caught by inhaling contaminated water droplets from air conditioning systems, hot tubs, and pools.

5 Things to Know About Legionnaires’ Disease

Here are some other facts to keep in mind about this disease.

1. Legionnaires’ Requires Prompt Treatment

This infection requires the use of antibiotics to destroy legionella bacteria, which mainly attack the lungs. Without treatment, serious complications can occur, such as respiratory failure and kidney failure. Septic shock is another potentially fatal complication that can develop without treatment.

2. Legionnaires’ Usually Affects Larger Buildings

Outbreaks typically occur in apartment buildings and other larger buildings with more complex HVAC systems, rather than single-family homes. Keep in mind that outbreaks in smaller residences can occur, though.

3. Legionnaires’ Can Spread in a Few Different Ways

In addition to breathing in contaminated water droplets, people can also catch this disease by coming into contact with contaminated soil or when contaminated liquid gets into the lungs while choking or coughing.

4. Legionnaires’ Has Certain Risk Factors

Those who are exposed to the bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease have a higher risk of getting sick if they smoke, have lung disease or a weakened immune system. People who are over 50 years old also have an increased chance of contracting an active infection. Some people who are exposed to the bacteria that cause this disease never experience symptoms.

5. Legionnaires’ Can Be Prevented

Keeping HVAC systems, pools, hot tubs and other potential sources of infection cleaned and disinfected helps lower the risk of illness. These areas require thorough cleaning on a regular basis in order to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading.

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