5 Indoor Air Issues that Affect Coastal Homes

5 Indoor Air Issues that Affect Coastal Homes

Residents in the Tampa Bay Area have access to an abundance of year-long shoreline activities, but living near the coast presents its own unique set of problems when it comes to the indoor air quality. Here are five issues that can impact your home and the health, safety and comfort of your household.

1. Humidity

Tampa Bay’s high humidity levels can leave you feeling sticky and uncomfortable even when your AC is running full blast. A humid environment also creates the perfect breeding ground for a host of biological pollutants.

2. Allergen Invasion

Sea breezes can be cool and refreshing on a hot day, but they also blow dust indoors. According to a study conducted by the University of South Florida, dust mite allergies are a common problem in the Tampa Bay area.

3. Hidden Pollutants

Many Floridians are surprised to learn that their exposure to pollutants is usually greater indoors than outside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, everyday items like carpets, furnishings and air fresheners can release pollutants more or less continuously.

4. Mold and Mildew

Tampa Bay’s humid climate promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which can not only cause structural damage to your home but can have a negative effect on your health, too. In fact, the Florida Department of Health cites exposure to mold as a primary cause for allergy symptoms.

5. Poor Ventilation

Today’s tightly sealed homes make maintaining a comfortable indoor environment easier and more economical, but poor ventilation can also trap pollutants indoors. Ventilators that introduce fresh, filtered air into your can help keep the air you breathe clean and healthy.

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