4 Things That Your AC Warranty Might Not Cover

4 Things That Your AC Warranty Might Not Cover

Choosing an air conditioner with a warranty package is an important part of building a reliable HVAC system. Due to the cost of air conditioning units, it is important to know what the warranty covers. Over time, AC units can require maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, parts do break. However, these expenses will not be nearly as difficult if, when shopping around for the best HVAC system, homeowners also consider the warranty package options. Unfortunately, not all warranties are created equal, and they may not cover what homeowners expect.

1. Don’t count on a home warranty to cover your HVAC system.

Often, home warranty companies will only manage a set number of low-cost repairs if they even cover problems with the AC system at all. Instead, buy a warranty meant for your HVAC system.

2. Despite the cost of the AC unit, your warranty could be only one to five years.

Despite the large size and expense of buying an air conditioning unit, many companies only offer short warranties, and those that do offer long warranties only offer them for as long as you own the home yourself.

3. Your warranty may not be valid without registering your AC unit.

You might be able to get more out of your warranty if you register it, but not always. Just make sure to register your unit on the manufacturer website after purchase. In some cases, the failure to register the unit can invalidate the warranty.

4. Routine maintenance may not be covered.

Manufacturer warranties typically cover parts and replacement, but they do not cover yearly service and filter changes.

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