3 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

3 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is still officially a month away, but you won’t know it living in Florida! The temperatures have already skyrocketed, and so have electricity bills. While most of us have already raced to the pool to cool off, sometimes that’s just not enough. With high heat and lots of humidity, we need a way to be cool and comfortable all day (and night) long. Here are three tips every homeowner can follow to stay cool as a cucumber this summer.

Switch Out Your Sheets
Winter’s long gone! You don’t need that heavy duvet or those silk sheets anymore. Switch them out of some light, cooler cotton sheets and blankets. Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics, and will help improve ventilation, so you don’t wake up sweating in the middle of the night.

Drink Lots of Water
Drinking water is a good habit to have no matter what the temperature is outside. But it’s especially important in the summer. The more hydrated you are, the cooler your body will feel. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy and cool.For some extra refreshment, try adding some flavor to your water. Fresh cucumber slices, lemon, berries or mint leaves can all make your water a little more enjoyable.

Add Cooling Décor  
The way you decorate your home can easily affect your comfort. Try adding cooling design elements to your home to keep the temperature down. Ceiling fans for example not only look nice, but also help cool you down. Also, adding curtains and awnings around your home will block out some sun, lowering the overall temperature. When decorating to stay cool, stick to brighter colors. Dark colors attract light, raising the temperature indoors, while light colors reflect it.

Stay Cool All Summer Long

Of course, the best way to stay cool in the summer is with your trusted air conditioner! Just make sure it is ready for the high demands of summer with annual AC maintenance. Not only does AC maintenance help your system run better, it can save you money on electricity bill and keep your air clean! Call Climate Design today or schedule your AC maintenance appointment online.