3 Updates That Really Up Your Home’s Value

Whether you are about to put your house on the market or just want to make some home renovations and upgrades this spring and summer, you will want to keep reading. According to a new Zillow Digs analysis, certain features and specific details can really up the market value of your home. Climate Design is here to share three easy and important upgrades all homeowners should make.

Zillow Digs analyzed over 2 million listing descriptions for houses sold between January 2014 and March 2016. What did they find? Well, they found home listings that mentioned keywords like “barn door,” “subway tiles” or “farmhouse sinks” sold for up to 13 percent more than expected and 60 days faster.

Increase Your Market Value With These 3 Home Updates

#1 Subway Tiles


Image: Home and Kitchen Ideas

Subway tiles as a trend favorite date back to 1904, when New York City unveiled its first white-walled underground transit. The subways tiles remain a hit today for bathrooms and kitchens everywhere, adding a utilitarian style feel to any space.

#2 Barn Door


Image: decoist

Recent home trends have shown an increase in interest to inhabit a space that pays homage to a simpler lifestyle and past in the form of old and antique homes. One such way this has evolved is the movement toward using the classic sliding barn doors. Not only can you add unique beauty to your space, you can also increase your home’s market value and rate of selling.

#3 Farmhouse Sink

The traditional farmhouse sink is much deeper than your average kitchen sink, designed initially for country living to hold large amounts of waters from wells, lakes and rivers before running water. Today, the farmhouse sink has caught on as a major home addition for country-style and modern-looking abodes alike.

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