3 Tips for Out Smarting HVAC Scammers

3 Tips for Out Smarting HVAC Scammers

When you hire a professional contractor to perform a service on your HVAC system, you entrust them with your property and your money. Sometimes, however, this blind trust doesn’t work out so well for the homeowner, as some AC companies are more interested in scamming you out of money than actually solving your problems. Here, we’ll tell you how to wise up and outsmart the shifty contractors who may not have your best interest in mind.

Be Weary of the “Free” Tuneup

Some companies might advertise a free tuneup with another service. Unfortunately, this tuneup rarely turns out to be free. There’s a good chance that the technician will either use the advertisement as a way to get your business for a repair, then perform a very minimal tuneup, if anything at all. There’s an even better chance that, after performing the tuneup, the technician will come back to you with a list of expensive repairs that they need to perform. While preventative maintenance is a great way to catch minor AC issues before they spiral into big problems, you’ll likely be aware if there’s anything significantly wrong with your system before it receives a tuneup. To be safe, have the technician thoroughly explain what is wrong and get a second opinion from another company before allowing them to perform the repairs they say are necessary.

Get Estimates From Several Companies

If you are having a new AC system installed, or using a company you’ve never worked with before to perform a service, be sure to get estimates from other companies. Keep in mind, the cheapest estimate isn’t always the best one. Do some research to find out what you should be paying for the service, then go with the company you trust in the most. Many AC companies offer free estimates on installations and replacements, as well as free second opinions on repairs. Take advantage of it!

Know What to Look For in a Qualified, Trustworthy AC Technician

The best way to outsmart an AC scammer is by not hiring one in the first place. When looking for a company to hire, find out if they are licensed and insured. Are their technicians factory trained? Better yet, are they NATE Certified? If so, you know they’ve received the highest level of HVAC industry training possible and that they can be trusted to do a quality job.

You’ll also know a good technician by the way they communicate with you. If they seem to be using jargon and complicated industry-related language that shrouds what is actually wrong with your AC, they may be trying to sell you a service you don’t actually need. A good technician will be able to explain the situation in terms you understand and walk you through the repair process step by step.

Hire the AC Company You Can Count On!

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