Air Conditioning Terms

Common Air Conditioning Terms

It’s not necessary to become an expert in the operation and repair of an air conditioning system. However, basic knowledge of common HVAC lingo, air conditioning terms, and the components and machinery used in the air conditioning business will help if and when the time comes when you must contact an AC company. 6 of the […]

Earth Day: 7 Plumbing and AC Eco-Friendly Tips

Earth Day: 7 Green Plumbing and AC Tips

It is always a good day to look for ways to be more eco-friendly around your home, but especially during Earth Month (April) and on Earth Day (April 22). From air conditioning to plumbing we have tons of tips to help your Tampa Bay home be more friendly to our environment, just keep reading. Why […]

Toilet Parts Name

Parts of a Toilet

Welcome to Plumbing 101, Tampa Bay! Today, we will be discussing the mechanics of a toilet and some common terms swirling around this piece of plumbing. Board up your outhouse and settle in to learn a few of the most common terms the plumbers use to describe a toilet. Main Toilet Parts Bowl: This is the […]

April Fools Day Plumbing Pranks

April Fools’ Day Plumbing Pranks

Whether you are Matt Lauer pranking Ellen DeGeneres, or just another April Fools’ Day prankster, plumbing pranks can be loads of fun. Fun, unless the prankster is not careful with essential and important pipe systems, so heed our warning and please be cautious with any April Fools’ tricks you may have up your sleeve. 6 April […]