Interesting Fun Facts About Plumbing

Interesting Fun Facts About Plumbing

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10 Interesting Fun Facts About Plumbing

Here are ten weird and crazy facts you probably never knew about plumbing.

1. Standardized Plumbing Is No New Thing

Plumbing is by no means a modern service. It can be traced back to around 3,000 B.C. when the Indus River Valley civilization employed earthen pipes to transport water and waste. Plumbing was used for comfort, from baths to brick-made toilets.

2. Mario and Luigi, the Most Famous Plumbers in the World

Although we think our expert plumbers at Climate Design are renowned, Mario and Luigi are in fact the world’s most famous plumbers. They have appeared in over 200 different games since 1985.

3. Voice Activated Flushing

In Japan, some urinals have voice activated flushing mechanisms that can respond to commands such as “fire.”  There are even toilets with remote control seat heaters, air dryers, and deodorizers.

4. $100,000 Toilet Paper Roll Research

Over $100,000 was spent conducting a study to determine which way most people prefer to place toilet paper on the roll—with the flap facing out front or behind. The findings? Three out of four people prefer the flap to face outwards.

5. Leaky Faucet Leads to No Good

If you have a leaky faucet in your home that drips twice or more each minute, you’ll waste over a gallon of water in just one week.

6. Albert Einstein’s Dream Job

After announcing that he would have been a plumber if he hadn’t been a physicist and had his life to live over, Albert Einstein was made an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. Rock and roller Ozzy Osbourne was also once a plumber.

7. Three Years on the John

The average person spends about three years of his or her life sitting on the toilet. That’s plenty of time for some quality bathroom reading material.

8. Death by Toilet

King George II of Great Britain died on October 25, 1760, after falling off the toilet. He was pronounced dead from “overexertions on the privy.”

9. John Invented the John

In 1596, John Harrington invented the first flushing toilet, leading to the popular nickname for this home convenience — “the John.” Thomas Crapper later increased the popularity of the flushing toilet, hence another popular nickname — ”the crapper.”

10. Nixon’s Plumbers

During his presidency, Richard Nixon established a special investigations unit after sensitive military information was leaked during his first term in office. He called this covert group the White House Plumbers.

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